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Online Wedding Workshops

What would you say if we offered to help you plan your wedding and connect you with Quality Vendors for as little as $8?

Wait, what? Are you serious?!
Wedding Workshops
Why should you join?

Let us explain. Our total commitment to merging tech and project management lead us to develop a series of online Wedding Workshops. These virtual gatherings offer step by step guidance in the nuances of wedding planning.

We uphold our comprehensive standard by breaking the workshops down into vendor categories. You can focus on one vendor at a time, which helps avoid stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. We believe in a stress-free planning experience, and these workshops are designed for just that.

Included in the workshop is an in-depth booklet with pricing statistics for this region. You will have a chance to have your questions answered after a brief presentation by our featured vendor. 

And the best part is that you won't be alone. There will be other newly engaged couples facing the same challenges as you. Often, couples learn a lot from each other in addition to the workshops.

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Workshop Schedule

Workshops are scheduled on weekdays at 7:00 pm. The dates are subject to change month to month. In order to have the most up to date info for schedules, we recommend you join the workshop mailing list.

Meeting Style

Workshops are hosted via Zoom. After registering, you will receive your link to join. Come casual & comfortable with just snacks, your fiance, and your note pad. Everything else will be provided for you! Make sure you have your questions ready to make the most of the workshop.