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Our Newly Engaged Couples Just Want to be Stress-Free!

Wedding Planning can be an overwhelming experience and a financial drain ... this we agree.

But it doesn't have to be!

Instead it can be an amazingly fun experience that brings you closer together ...

Many details must be considered when getting married. Chances are you may never have planned a wedding ceremony or reception. Planning a wedding day timeline that covers all the logistics for your wedding vendors and wedding party can be difficult, to say the least. Most couples fall victim to wedding anxiety and end up feeling overwhelmed. That is why we have developed a step-by-step process for planning your wedding. We help you avoid stress during the planning process.
Turn to Entyse Lyfe Weddings when you need details about getting married in Maryland, DC or Virginia. We are here to guide you through everything from choosing your wedding venue to getting your marriage license.

Here's how:

How do we start?

First, we talk on the phone or meet in person to answer three main questions:

Are we really right for each other? A real-life meeting helps determine whether client and planner are a good fit.

Can we trust each other? We need to know you won't leave us at the altar. And vice versa.

What are the details? Proper planning is all in the details.

What happens after we meet?

We review the agreement, payments & plan

After our meeting, we focus on building a plan. The agreement, payments and overall plan will be drafted and edited until they fit your needs, all online via your Aisle Planner project manager. We keep everything in an easy-to-share format so you can keep your significant other in the loop.

Then we tie the knot and make it official!

I now pronounce you client & wedding planner

You are investing in creating a stress-free joyous experience. So let's get started! We handle the details so you won't have to. Schedule your meeting today!

Let us know what kind of experience your planning...

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