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Updated: Feb 18

Trying to keep that happy feeling going with your Mom or soon-to-be Mother-in-law is no easy feat. It is possible, but it will require some balance.

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Wedding Planning has its way of making one go crazy. You may be drained from decision fatigue, and having to answer Mom's never-ending questions could send you off the edge. On the flip side, your mom may be having a moment. Your wedding is a huge deal, not just for you, but for many of the family members that have watched you get to this day.

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Here is our guide to staying sane and making room for Mom. First, put yourself in your mother's shoes. When your mom acts out of sorts or gets on your nerves, you have to remember that she is doing it out of love. Once I became a mom, I knew that I would do anything to see her happy. Your mom feels the same. She wants your day to be perfect.

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If your mom seems extremely invested, give her something to do. I practice this with moms on my client's wedding day. I find something that they can handle and ask them for help. It almost immediately brightens their day to assist in wedding planning details. You can assign something major like selecting the baker or something minor like selecting a signature drink. Just give her something to do that makes her feel included.

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Make her feel special by giving her extra love on your wedding day. You can do this with a special thank you during dinner, including her wedding photo in your decor or including her in your program. It should go without saying that you can't just focus on your mom and do nothing for your mother-in-law. Please keep her in the loop by including her in the planning process.

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You can invite her to a dress fitting, organize a fun night with both moms, or help her plan the rehearsal dinner. If your mother-in-law gets overzealous, don't be afraid to set some limits. There has to be balanced and boundaries to keep things on the up and up between you two. That way, you don't end up offending her, and she doesn't resent you.

Remember, it may be your wedding day, but there are other stakeholders invested in your happiness. Make mom happy by including her in the process and giving her something to do. And don't forget about mom-in-law. It is just as important to include her and consider her input. With a little effort, you can avoid any Mother of the Bride/Groom Drama.

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