Where to obtain your Marriage license in Maryland, Virginia and DC...

Updated: Feb 18

It’s an undisputed fact that the joy of getting married cannot be measured or quantified. After spending months planning for the wedding, the day to start a new chapter of your life is fast approaching.

You must know that you will need to apply and get your marriage license before you walk down the aisle to take your vows.

The marriage law varies across different states, and it is a must you get the marriage license in the state you will be getting married in.

This article will explain how you can get your wedding license in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. These three states may be very close, but the requirements to obtain the wedding license vary across the three locations. The marriage license's importance cannot be overemphasized because it guides on who can actually marry you.

The details on how to get your wedding license might not seem important to you, but I bet you will need them for your wedding.


  • To apply for the wedding license, you can apply in person at any courthouse in the state or apply online in Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William counties.

  • To get the marriage license in person, both parties' presence is important when applying and picking up.

  • The two parties involved must have their government-issued ID (Passport, driver’s license, etc.)

  • If one of the parties was once divorced, there is a need to provide divorce details, including the month and year of the divorce and the jurisdiction where the divorce was decreed.

  • The license fee in Virginia is $30, and there is no need for a blood test.

  • The license received is valid for 60 days after it has been issued.

  • Cash payment is accepted at most locations in Virginia.

Note: a Virginia court must do a marriage license in Virginia. (There is no room for online ordination.)


The process of applying for a marriage license in Maryland is straightforward and easy. To apply for the marriage license in Maryland, have the following at the back of your mind:

  • The marriage license must be obtained at the county where the marriage will occur (regardless of where the couple resides). This means if you are planning to get married in Montgomery County, the marriage license must be obtained at the Montgomery County circuit court.

  • You must have purchased the license about 48 hours before the scheduled marriage date. A waiver can also be obtained if approved by the judge (Family illness or military grounds can be the reasons for obtaining a waiver.)

  • There is a need to come with a Government-issued ID (if one person is applying for the license, he/she should come with a clear photocopy of the spouse ID)

  • If one of the parties was once divorced, there is a need to provide divorce details, including the month and year of the divorce and the jurisdiction where the divorce was decreed.

  • The wedding license obtained in Maryland has 6 months validity.

  • A non-refundable fee of $55 is paid for the marriage license. (Payment can be made in cash, money order and Visa, Master cards, “credit cards are also accepted if you visit the court in person” while American express or personal checks are not allowed as a means of payment)

  • There is no need for a blood test.

Here are the links to the county circuit courts in Maryland;


In DC, you can apply, obtain the marriage license and take the oath of marriage the same day. The marriage license should be obtained at the DC courthouse 500 Indiana Avenue, N.W Washington, D.C. 20001 in room JM 690 –basement level. The application process will take nothing more than 90 minutes.

  • There is no expiration date for the marriage obtained in DC, and the license is only valid in the DC.

  • The marriage application form can be downloaded and printed from the DC marriage bureau website. Please fill the form and take it along with you when you want to apply.

  • The presence of only one spouse is required for application (there is no option for applying online in DC)

  • A blood test is not required.

  • Proxy application is also allowed.

  • A nonrefundable fee of $45 will be paid in cash or via credit cards.

  • Government-issued ID is required, and the details of divorce “month, year and jurisdiction where the divorce was declared (if one of the spouses is divorced)

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