What Is the Average Cost of Wedding Flowers and Design?

Weddings are a time of celebration and joy. But a perfect wedding ceremony and reception also take a lot of planning, organizing, and budgeting. The average wedding in the United States can cost about $25,000. Weddings in D.C., on average, cost about $33,000, making D.C. the fourth most expensive wedding location in the U.S.

Let's discuss the average costs of wedding flowers and design in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers can elevate the ceremony and reception's look and feel, adding sophistication to any and everything. However, floral décor can be quite expensive. According to a recent estimate, couples spend 8-10% of their total wedding budget on flowers.

In Washington, D.C., couples spend $3,000 on wedding flowers on average. Some couples can spend as little as a couple of hundred dollars while others will spend upwards of $4,000.

The floral cost has several factors. The types of flowers are the first factor as some flowers like roses and tulips are cheaper than others like orchids and calla lilies. The season has much to do with the price, as flowers like chrysanthemums will be more affordable during fall when they are in season. And the complexity of floral designs is a significant factor in floral cost. Other factors include:

  • The setup on the event day.

  • The fee of your florist's services.

  • The total cost of transporting flowers from a farm to your wedding venue.

There can be additional charges of rentals like vases to display flowers on the event day.

Standard floral pieces and their average prices are as follows:

  • Bridal Bouquet: $100-$300

  • Bridesmaid's Bouquet (each): $75-$150

  • Corsages: $30

  • Groom's Boutonniere: $18

  • Boutonnieres (each): $10-$20

  • Flower Girl (each): $15-75

  • Centerpieces (each): $85-350

  • Cake Flowers: $75

  • Ceremony Arrangements: $200-$400

  • Flower Installments: $350 and more

Your total floral cost will be determined by which flowers you choose, what floral designs you opt for, and how many floral setups you want. An experienced florist can help you cut down costs by choosing elegant but straightforward designs made out of a combination of low-cost flowers with expensive middle pieces.

Wedding Design

Even if you have the most beautiful venue and set up the perfect floral arrangements, you need a custom wedding design.

Wedding design or decorations include rentals like furniture, linens, and table settings. Wedding rentals can cost from $1,000-$2,000 in Washington, D.C., on average.

To create a consistent design scheme, some items that you can rent are:

  • Tables & Chairs

  • Drapery

  • Linens (Tablecloth, Chair Cover, Napkins)

  • Lighting

  • Audio/Visual Equipment (Mics, Speakers, Screens)

  • Table Arrangements (Candles, Vases, Pots)

  • China

  • Glassware

  • Ring Pillows

  • Cake Stands

Couples often choose to rent furniture as rental companies provide a wide selection of offerings. It means you can select colors and items that go with your wedding style and theme.

An easy way to decrease wedding design costs is to choose wedding venues that also provide tables, chairs, tablecloths, and draperies at the venue's price. You lose a little of your custom design options, but you save money in the long run.

We recommend that you consult professional services of wedding planners and organizers who can pick the most affordable vendors that also provide good quality rentals. In this way, you can cut down costs while still attaining a theme of your choice.

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