Wedding Venue Shopping during Covid-19

Updated: Feb 18

What a crazy time to plan a wedding!

If you are recently engaged, you might have questions about how you can pull off a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic. Hopefully, this list of 20 questions will help you secure your venue even during these crazy times. This is a list of questions you should ask your venue when considering booking for your wedding. With regulation constantly changing, it is important to have a strategy when planning to secure a venue.

*DISCLAIMER* The list below is simply a tool to help you understand your wedding venue booking options during this time. Whatever type of wedding you choose to have, do your homework to minimize risk, and always follow local, state, and federal health and safety guidelines. Please keep in mind that all of this will vary as the situation is so fluid – so please be sure to give your venue contact some grace here. Nobody has all the answers, but we're all doing our very best to make it work.

The Main Details

  1. What is their policy on postponing or rescheduling your event?

  2. Are there any extra fees or charges associated with rescheduling or moving your event date?

  3. If you do reschedule, are there any discounts for opting for a weekday or off-peak date?

  4. If you have to cancel, what is the cancelation policy?

  5. How far in the future can you schedule a new date?

  6. How much advance notice will the venue need to reschedule?

  7. Do they offer any elopement or "marry me now" packages?

  8. How many total guests can the venue accommodate?

  9. What is the venue's wifi or internet service like? (for streaming your wedding)

  10. If the venue has to close according to county regulations, what would happen with your event date?

The Sanitation & Social Distance Policies

  1. Does the venue have a mask requirement for your guests? What about for employees?

  2. Do you have safety measures in place for staff and guests? (i.e., are there temperature checks upon arrival?)

  3. What kind of cleaning and sanitation will be done before and during the event?

  4. Will they allow you to set up hand sanitizing stations or mobile hand-washing stations?

  5. How far apart will the tables and chairs be to keep our guests safely distanced?

  6. How will the venue encourage social distancing during cocktail hour?

  7. If the event space is indoors, what kind of air quality and ventilation are available?

  8. Can we leave the doors and/or windows open for airflow?

  9. What will the traffic flow like for guests? (i.e., "one-way" doors for entrances and exits?)

  10. What sanitation products will they provide for the venue?

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Entyse Lyfe is here to guide you in deciding what ceremony is right for you as a couple during these funky times. There are so many options and so many details to sort out. Our goal is to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Please register for an online Wedding Workshop with us to learn more.

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