Quick Tips on Floral & Décor Planning for your Wedding Design

Hey, don't you wish you could have that beautiful wedding decor that you've loved on Instagram? Trust me; it is normal to aspire to the works of art found under the hashtag wedding design. But I know you understand that those inspiring works of art don't just fall together like magic. I'm Drea, your personal event architect, here to guide you through this planning process.

So here's what you're going to want to do first. First, you want to talk to your venue. The venue may have restrictions on your decor that will limit your options, like no live candles or perhaps no hanging decor. They may, however, also have referrals to vendors that have worked there before that can do some amazing things.

So you want to check with your venue first in terms of decor. Next, you get to collect inspiration. And this is the fun part because this field is 99% visual. The professionals that you connect with want photo inspiration that you've collected so that they're able to create something based on what inspires you. Finally, you get to scope out vendors and book, but you want to make sure that they have a solid plan first, that you've checked into their body of work. And that you two have a vibe that matches.

Remember you got this! Talk to your venue, collect inspiration and then scope out the vendors to book. The most important thing here is that you feel good about who you book. If you're interested in learning more about planning the wedding design, you can check out our wedding workshops that help newly engaged couples master the art of wedding planning with me.

You can learn more about our upcoming wedding workshops at entyselyfe.com/weddingworkshops. You can also follow along on Instagram for more tips at @EntyseLyfeWeddings. Don't forget you are the master of your design. Your ideas can be made real with your permission until next time.

Thanks so much for joining us.

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