Non-Traditional Wedding ideas for Non-Traditional Couples

Let's change things up a bit, shall we! We have seen the same play with different actors over and over again.

I personally love to see couples pushing the boundaries in wedding planning. It can become boring when every wedding you attend has the same traditions, in the same order with the same menu as every other wedding you have ever attended. Really, really boring.

So when a couple mentions to me that they are looking to plan a non-traditional wedding, I grin from ear to ear just imagining the possibilities. So here is what I would like to call "The Movie Surprise Ceremony"…

Here is how it would unfold...

Guest would arrive and be seated as normal. No one should expect anything other than the regular ceremony.

At the altar, there is white drape that appears to be apart of the decor. This backdrop will have a projector pointed from above the audience. Music starts and a film begins to play. On this film guest watch an edited cinematic version of your wedding ceremony that you did secretly the week before. (Surprise)

It was the perfect intimate moment that you got to share one on one. And well and your officiate too. The movie will have clips and photos to make it a cinematic experience but it will end just before you say "I Do".

The video stops, the drapes are pulled back, and you two are already at the altar. With that grand introduction you complete the ceremony there in front of them all. Even though you are technically already married.

Guest will be in awe and go wild with excitement that you pulled off a complete surprise in a totally unexpected way. And yes it would be totally possible to pull this off. (Contact us to learn how)

I would have your photographer and videographer in place to capture the reactions of your guest when the movie stops and when the drapes open. What a fun way to remember that moment when your guest where confused and surprised all at once!

I recommend this for Introverted couples, Comedic couples, Movie-fanatic couples and any Non-Traditional couples. If you are excited by the thought of walking down the aisle, this might not be the thing for you.

Also, if you have a super traditional family, this might give granny a heart attack. Proceed with caution!

If you would like to learn more about how to pull this off, schedule a consult today.