How to stay organized during the planning process...

Updated: Feb 18

Staying organized is not that easy when planning for a wedding and preparing to merge two families into one. There is also deciding on details with up to 11 vendors for the big day. And you will face changes in your vision, theme, concept, design, cake, decorations, and other details over time.

Don’t count on your planning committee to be much help; the truth is a lot of opinions can lead to more headaches than before. How do you avoid this stress? How do you deal with handling all of the things that should be bought or rented? How you manage not to forget or miss out on any of the details you’ve planned? Simply put, how you stay organized while planning a wedding?

We recommend finding a system that works for you. Ours is Aisle Planner!

If you decide to use a wedding planning app or system management for wedding planning, you can easily save yourself some planning stress. You would instantly make the workload reduced over the course of your engagement. Staying organized with planning is a conscious effort that must be kept at heart when planning. An app that allows you to store photos, checklists, documents, and spreadsheets is a good start. It should also allow you to share with vendors and set deadlines for different kinds of tasks. The help should aid in keeping you balanced.

Here are the Key Reasons you should consider a wedding app or system

1. Easy Adding and Editing

There will be many things that will change over the course of your wedding planning journey. The most obvious thing is the budget. You will want to have a spreadsheet that allows you to see how each item affects the overall budget. If you spend a bit more than you expected on the venue, a budget can help you cut costs on other projected expenses.

You will also have many changes to your guest list. Sometimes all the way up to the week of your wedding. Being able to edit his on the fly is mandatory. Changes will also come to your decor and rentals.

2. Easily Sharing

While planning for your wedding, communication for your email inbox will be at an all-time high. Our Aisle Planner system allows you to send and receive messages within the wedding planning app. This means all your wedding communication is stored in one central location. No more searching your inbox because vendors are easily found by category.

Therefore you could share notes, photos, or documents with each vendor or persons you have assigned to complete a task in the list with a deadline. With a system like this, you will be able to measure your success while planning.

3. The Perfect Reminder

We are all human, so I know you understand that it can easy to let things slip by sometimes. Just when we feel we have completed a task, we realize we have more left undone. You will need an app you can easily retrieve info at any time to know if you are on track or something still needs to be done.

With Aisle Planner, you can set reminders in your app to remind yourself and anyone that would be involved. It could be the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, or those specific contacts for the day of, so they can prepare beforehand. It is also perfect at keeping you on task with vendor payments, appointments, or deadlines.

If you haven’t tried searching for your wedding planning app, try looking into Aisle Planner's feature. It is such a good tool for planning; we include it in each of our planning packages. It provides easy adding and editing along with easy sharing and the perfect reminder system. If you found something else that works for you with the key items we mentioned, leave a comment below.

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