How-To Guide: New Ways to Cater to Your Guests

In some ways, weddings are all about traditions — something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: your mother’s gown, your aunt’s headpiece, your grandmother’s pearls.

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As much as people enjoy the venue and the décor, if the food is good, they’re going to remember that more. How many weddings have you been to where you are served the same old rubber chicken in sauce with five asparagus spears and a handful of cubed potatoes? Don’t let that be your wedding.

While you might remember the wedding you went to where they had shrimp cocktail and prime rib, let’s face it, that kind of expense is not on the menu for many of us.

How can you distinguish yourself without spending a fortune?

Try these fun ideas:

Food Trucks

Everyone loves food trucks because they’re known for authentic, tasty food. Plus, it usually comes at a good price since the owners don’t have to pay the overhead for a brick-and-mortar location.

They’re great for weddings for several reasons:

The food will be delicious. Owners of well-known food trucks are legendary for the skill — and the love — they bring to their business.

You can have more than one, giving guests a choice of cuisines. Imagine crab cakes, barbecue, crepes, and chicken and waffles!

You won’t have to worry about catering facilities when you’re looking at venues. The trucks bring everything they need.

Taco Bar

A taco bar, where guests can move down the line buffet-style and choose their fillings, is tasty, fun, and pretty. Imagine the gleaming tins filled with a rainbow of colors — chopped red tomatoes, sliced green onions, yellow cheese, and more! (Tip: Choose dark or multicolored linens for the serving tables — no one will notice spills!)

Food Stations

Another way to keep guests full and happy is with food stations. Instead of wondering when the meal will be served or waiting in a long line at the buffet, guests can meander from one station to another at their leisure, sampling different offerings.

Because it’s economical and needs no utensils, popcorn is a popular food station. You can have a popcorn station even if you have a traditional sit-down meal because the guests can snack on the popcorn while waiting.

(Tip: Set out a container of floss singles and make sure the staff has a broom and long-handled dustpan at the ready.)

Edible Centerpieces

When you pay for an ice sculpture, your money literally goes down the drain as it melts. Why not invest in edible centerpieces? Your guests will marvel at the creativity, then dig in!

Think carved watermelons, dessert canape towers, bouquets made of cut-up fruit or cake pops, or even centerpieces created from vegetables or bread.

Doughnut Walls

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Another way to kill two birds with one stone — decorate and feed people — is with a doughnut wall. This decorative, delicious marvel is a portable wall equipped with pegs to hang the donuts (sorry, no filled varieties — too messy).

Fancy or plain, glazed or powdered, a wall of donuts is a sight to behold! You can offer this instead of cake or as an added treat.

Use these ideas as they are, or alter them to fit your vision of the perfect way to feed your guests. It’s your wedding, so make it fun, distinctive, and memorable.

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