How-To Guide: Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer

Updated: Feb 18

Photo by E-Kobi

You will spend many months planning your wedding. You’ll hand-pick everything from the food to the music to the centerpieces. You’ll take the time to budget, plan, and save. After all that hard work, you want to remember your wedding day and how beautiful it was. That’s why it’s so important to choose a wedding videographer who knows how to capture your special day perfectly.

Please start thinking about your wedding videographer early, so you’ll have more options when it comes to pricing, style, availability, and more. The longer you wait, the fewer studios will have availability — and those with last-minute openings are probably not the ones you want, either.

Your Wedding Videographer Budget

First, figure how much you have to spend — wedding videographers can cost between $1,000 and $15,000. When deciding how much of your wedding budget to dedicate to a videographer, consider how important a wedding video is to you. The proportion of your budget that goes to hiring a wedding videographer should reflect this.

Also, think about how long you want your videographer to stay at the event. Do you want them just at the wedding itself, or do you also want them there while you’re getting ready? Do they need to stay for the whole reception, or just until the cake is cut?

The number of hours they work will affect the cost.

If you’re on a tight budget, think about whether you would prefer a pricier, more experienced videographer for a shorter time or a more affordable one who will stay longer to capture everything.

How to Narrow Your Options

You’ll also want to consider what video style is most appealing to you and your significant other. Two common styles are the documentary style and the Hollywood film style. Watch a handful of the endless array of wedding videos online to figure out what you prefer.

For further guidance, get a referral from other wedding vendors you trust, such as your wedding planner or photographer. Sometimes you can get your photographer and videographer from the same vendor, making this chore less complicated and possibly cheaper if they have a package deal available.

In the end, what’s really important is that you find a wedding videographer you trust. You don’t want to spend your wedding day micromanaging them or worrying about whether they’re getting good shots. To help ensure you get someone qualified, watch their videos, read reviews and ask for references before setting up a meeting with them.

Whoever you hire will be spending most of the day filming you by your side, so finding someone you like is crucial.

Entyse Lyfe Can Help

You have to make decisions on hundreds of details regarding planning a wedding, and your videographer is a big one. For advice, recommendations, and help with making your decision, contact Entyse Lyfe. We make wedding planning easier.

Entyse Lyfe is here to guide you in deciding what ceremony is right for you as a couple during these funky times. There are so many options and so many details to sort out. Our goal is to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Please register for an online Wedding Workshop with us to learn more.

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