How to find a Balance: Wedding Planning vs Life!

Updated: Feb 18

Wedding Planning Requires Balance

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding, whether you designed your wedding or helped prepare someone else’s, can understand just how easy it is for it to take over your life. And how quickly it can happen also. With infinite info only a click away, wedding planning becomes a full-time job (well, it is...Wedding Planners, lol). So what do you do?

The same thing you do with everything else in life...Find a balance! Round One: Wedding Planning vs. Life.

Time Management

When Planning any project, you have to consider time management and how you can best complete it using your time wisely. The same rule applies to Wed Planning. First, decide how much time a week you want to set aside to do your wedding research. You will need this time to research Wedding Venues, Vendors, and Prices so you can wrap your mind around Wedding costs. It is one thing to say you want a lavish wedding and a whole other thing to see the bill associated with it. Start simple; maybe you will only set aside an hour or two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or perhaps you will limit your lunch break to Wednesdays and Fridays. Whatever the case is, choose a select amount of time and create a goal for that time. If your number one goal is finding a venue, then you shouldn’t be looking up DJs during that time.


Time to call on that oh so important member of the team, your Maid or Matron of Honor. From the moment you asked her to say yes to the title, she has been gearing up to help you with your planning needs. Please give her a task that you can’t quite get to at the moment. Or a job you know will use her strengths. My best friend and someday Maid of Honor is a keen negotiator. She can get a discount anywhere she goes. It is a gift! Maybe your MOH is not a negotiator, but she is a wiz with DIY projects, researching, or even talking to people. The possibilities are pretty limitless there. Moms, sisters, friends, and other family will all be great team members if you let them. But no team member will be more critical than your planner.

Wedding-Free Days

There will need to be some days when you have to say NO to wedding planning. That’s right; you will need to schedule days where you Do Not research, you Do Not watch wedding shows, you Do Not pin on Pinterest, and you Do Not talk about wedding details. Wedding Free means Wedding Free. This will allow you the much-needed time to recoup from the overwhelming process of wedding planning. It will also keep your fiance from wanting to jump off a cliff from all the wedding talk. No one wants to talk about the same thing all day, every day. Give it a break.

And then you will have Balance…

The key to balancing is to create a strategy with Time Management, take some of the burdens off you with help by Delegating and letting go by having some good old Wedding-Free days. The key here is not to overwhelm yourself, which can be easy to do. Overwhelming yourself puts you on the fast track to becoming a Bridezilla, and NO ONE wants that.

Entyse Lyfe is here to guide you in deciding what ceremony is right for you as a couple during these funky times. There are so many options and so many details to sort out. Our goal is to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Please register for an online Wedding Workshop with us to learn more.

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