How Do Wedding Rings Work?

Weddings are occasions of joy and celebration. At a wedding, two people make promises of love and loyalty to each other and exchange wedding rings. But how do wedding rings work? And how are they different from engagement rings? Let us find out.

Traditionally, a man who wanted to marry a woman would propose to her with an engagement ring, which usually has a diamond or a gemstone at the center. The woman would wear the ring on her left ring finger, which was thought to be directly connected with the heart. This practice is still followed.

Women wear engagement rings for the whole engagement period. Sometimes, after the proposal, women also buy a ring for the man. The same engagement practices are followed in same-sex marriages.

Wedding rings are a set of rings exchanged between the couple on the wedding day in front of all the guests. The couple buys these rings during the engagement period, and either one can pay for them. Couples can choose to get matching wedding rings. They can be simple, plain bands made of silver or gold, or they may be ornate and studded with jewels or small diamonds.

On the wedding day, the bride takes off her engagement ring and places it on her right ring finger. Then, during the ceremony, the groom put the ring on her left ring finger, and she places his ring on his left ring finger.

Traditionally, after the wedding, women would start wearing the engagement ring above the wedding ring. Some women choose not to wear the engagement ring these days, while others prefer wearing it next to the ring finger. Any way is okay, so you should go with what you like.

While it is crucial to find the right ring for your special occasion, don’t get lost in carat sizes, ring shapes, and prices. Engagement and wedding rings symbolize love and union and are meant to be an act of receiving and giving that has personal meaning and sentimental value. So, make sure to remember what rings stand for and place that above their monetary value.

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