Home Organizing Tips to Keep Your Holiday Flowing

Holiday season- it always seem so far away until it sneaks upon us, and then it’s here. As the holidays quickly approach, they bring with them holiday cheer and sparkle, and for many stress and uncertainty about how they will prepare their homes for the holidays. Whether you’re hosting family and friends, making room for all of your new gifts, or just taking care of business, organizing your home will bring you the peace of mind you deserve during this most wonderful time of the year. Keep your holiday flowing and put your mind at ease with these home organizing tips.

How to Get into the Flow

Getting your home ready for the holidays can leave you with a long list of things to do and no idea where to start. Making a plan allows you the time and space to set tasks and prioritize them. Because of the hectic nature the holidays present, it may best to set aside large projects for a less busy time of year. If you plan to have family in town or need extra assistance, you can always ask friends and family for help. Professional help is also an option if you would like to hire an expert to take over your home organization. Having help will relieve some pressure so that you can focus on other responsibilities and have more time to enjoy the excitement of the holiday season. Organizing your home may seem like a daunting task, but you may be surprised at how much gets done when you start by putting everything where it belongs. Once you’ve decided on how you will organize your home, all you have to do is start. Getting started is the best way to ensure you will get the job done. You can do this!

What’s in Your Closet?

The holidays are a great time to give your closet a makeover. New year, new you, right? In doing so, consider what you need and what you can do without. Separating your clothes by season leaves room for the clothes you can wear right now. Instead of having to sift through your spring dresses to find your favorite sweater, you can choose any item organized however you choose; by clothing type, fabric, or color. Storage bins are an option for storing seasonal clothing, and space saver bags are an even better way to store clothes while taking up much less space. Keeping stored clothes organized by season will make it easy to rearrange your closet once a new season rolls around. With so many in need, embrace the spirit of giving and donate clothes and other items you don’t need. One helpful rule of thumb when considering what clothes to keep is if you haven’t worn it within a year, it is safe to give away. Organizing your closet will go a long way. Taking the time to organize your closet will save you time in the long run.

Less is More with Holiday Decor

The warmth of the holidays is a feeling like no other. It’s part of the reason we adorn our homes in festive holiday decor. While holiday decorations are fun, they may present an organizational nightmare. Consider downsizing your holiday decorations by going through and keeping only what you need. Simple decorations can help eliminate the stress of doing the most, and will help you to stay within your holiday budget. If elaborate holiday decor is a must-have for you, you should be strategic in the storage choices you make. Before taking down your decorations, take a picture of them. This will not only help you remember how your decor was set up for the next year, but it will also remind you of what you have in order to avoid buying any unnecessary items. Use labeled containers to sort and store similar items. Holiday gift boxes, and perhaps even the tissue paper, are useful to store smaller items such as tree ornaments. Having decorations labeled and sorted will make for an easier time decorating next holiday season.

Organizing your home is not just a benefit to your home, but it will help keep your mind clear. Take advantage of the organization you get done over the holidays, and let it carry you into the New Year. When done well, organization can become a way of life. Happy organizing!

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