Five Things to Consider for a Flawless Socially-Distanced Wedding

Updated: Feb 18

Planning a wedding is a stressful undertaking under normal circumstances. The uncertainty that the pandemic brings has us worrying about heavy things that we never expected to juggle (especially on our wedding day)!

The key to planning and hosting a beautiful and safe wedding is securing a team that keeps your vision on point while being smart and creative to follow the socially-distanced guidelines successfully. The goal here is to create the wedding of your dreams while keeping everyone safe and comfortable.

1. Keep Everything as Virtual as Possible

Keeping things as virtual as possible during both the planning process and on your special day is ideal. Now more than ever, we have online options—everything from securing a marriage license (differs by state) to planning the menu and connecting with out-of-state guests—it’s the 2020 etiquette.

2. Get Creative with Seating Arrangements

& Floor Plans

"There are many guidelines in the fine print such as 'no congregating,' which translates to no cocktail hour and no dance floor," explains Costin in a recent article published by "However, for our clients, the dance floor and bar typically serve as a focal décor point, so we don’t see them going away." Rather, these beloved wedding elements are being creatively reimagined. Cocktail hours—and all wedding festivities for that matter—are encouraged to be taken outside where there is "more room to space out and distance per the requirements," she says.

With no more than six guests per table, couples may want to consider spaced-out lounge seating, like mini-sitting areas, to keep guests comfortable. It also creates an inviting and intimate setting. Small aisles between seats, depending on the number of guests, are also helpful during the ceremony.

3. Recognize What’s Safe

Traditionally (and in caring about the environment), we’d advocate avoiding disposable anything. However, single-use is your best friend for safety—we’re talking dinnerware, champagne glasses, hymn books...even think about pens resigning the guest book. Things should be sanitized. Consider offering extra masks, mini bottles of hand sanitizer at each seat... It seems overwhelming and weird but necessary when keeping safety top of mind.

4. Customize the Dècor

Just as you would normally focus on the atmosphere and make it unique to you as a couple, if you choose to hold your celebration at a family home or a nearby park, you may want to use a portion of the budget to upgrade the grounds. Plant flowers bring in some can dream big in making a not-so-typical outdoor space lavish, romantic, and special.

5. Encourage Socially-Distanced Interaction

This seems foreign to us, but there are so many ways to do this...all it takes is some brainstorming, and again, what feels fun and special to you as a couple. A car parade may sound cheesy, but maybe that’s what makes sense for the grandparents and high-risk guests. Or, how about inviting guests to submit .30 second videos ahead of time and playing them on a big screen for all to see and appreciate.

Entyse Lyfe is here to guide you in deciding what ceremony is right for you as a couple during these funky times. There are so many options and so many details to sort out. Our goal is to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Please register for an online Wedding Workshop with us to learn more.

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