5 Types of Wedding Venues to Consider for your Wedding in DC, Maryland and Virginia

A closer look at different types of wedding venues in our area

The great thing about the Washington Metropolitan area is the vast amounts of Wedding venues available.

Hotel Ballroom Venues

DC, Maryland and Virginia is certainly not lacking in the arena of upscale and modern hotel venues with top notch catering and beautiful views.

Pro: All inclusive rental, food and room accommodation packages. You can find great deals with even a suite for the bride included. There is also the fact that guest will have less traveling if they are to stay at that hotel.

Con: Because everything is provided by the hotel, pricing is raised for the notion of one stop shopping packages. And they are selective of the vendors you can have at your wedding. There is also the concern of Decor. Most ballrooms will have a simple esthetic so they won’t clash with different types of events.

Art Gallery Venues

Art Galleries are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the cookie cutter ballroom look that you get with most wedding venues.

Pro: Unique Decor that doesn’t require a lot of outside decorating, afterall it is covered in Art.

Con: Higher insurance coverage required. When using their space, Art Galleries will take extra precaution to protect the art. Which could translate into higher fees for you.

Botanical Garden Venues

How Fairy-tale it would be to have the lush look of garden scenery in the background of your wedding photos.

Pro: Great for photos, gardens often have great nooks and crannies for amazing photo ops.

Con: This can become pricey as with the art galleries, they will be very selective with the type of vendors they allow to work on their property. Most will have a short list that you will be forced to choose from.

Barns and Farm Venues

DC might be a City but there are plenty of beautiful Barns and Farms in the surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia.

Pro: This is really one of the most affordable options in terms of different types of wedding venues.

Con: Unless it is a renovated property equipped to handle events, it may be lacking in the modern comforts your guest would expect. (Like Indoor Plumbing)

Waterfront Marina Venues

Thanks to the Potomac River and Atlantic Ocean we have plenty of Waterfront property in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Pro: Majestic views in both the Day and the Night for photos and for your guest to enjoy.

Con: These types of venues similar to Hotel Ballrooms will have all inclusive packages in Resort-style fashion.

So Where should you Wed…

There are Pros and Cons to consider with any type of venue. It really goes back to deciding what you want the overall feel to be at your wedding. Do you want something Magical or Modern? Classic or Quirky? The rest will fall in line when you know who you are as a couple and what you want most on your wedding day. Thank you for Reading!

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