5 Non Traditional Ceremony Locations in Maryland

Updated: Feb 18

When you think of weddings, the idea of tradition often comes to mind. Still, more and more couples choose to venture out from the ordinary by choosing an unconventional wedding location. The state of Maryland does not fall short on wedding locations from which to choose. With so many options across this vast state, there is something to suit just about your every need. Should you choose to go against the grain with a non-traditional wedding location, consider one of our top picks for non-traditional wedding sites in Maryland.

1.) Coradetti Glass Blowing Studio – Baltimore. MD

Coradetti Glass Blowing Studio naturally provides the delicate touch many seek in their wedding location. With glass work décor sprinkled throughout, the exposed brick, bamboo hardwood floors, and string lights in this cozy venue will provide your guests with an intimate experience that does not require much additional décor. Secluded in the historic Clipper Mill community of Baltimore, your guests will find a host of accommodations nearby. This venue is ideal if you expect fewer than 100 guests, accommodating 75 seated guests and up to 110 standing.

2.) Cloisters Castle - Lutherville, MD

What could better enhance a fairy tale than to have your wedding at a castle? Cloisters Castle is a 60-acre hidden gem atop a hill in the secluded woods of Lutherville, MD. The intricate details of stained glass, wood, and wrought iron throughout the property help bring the medieval European design to life and decreases the need for a ton of extravagant décor. Aside from being the site of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 1997 wedding, one major benefit to holding a wedding is the ability to hold your ceremony and reception indoors or outdoors. Consider this venue for weddings with up to 155 guests.

3.) The National Aquarium – Baltimore, MD

Known as one of Baltimore’s biggest attractions, the National Aquarium is one unconventional backdrop that will leave your wedding guests in awe. This multi-level venue will provide access to the magic of the aquarium’s award-winning exhibits, and the floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the wonder of Baltimore’s inner harbor. There are four indoor and outdoor locations from which to choose for your ceremony and reception, and there are cool options you can include, such as a private film screening in the 4D Immersion Theater. This venue is full service and can accommodate up to 200 wedding guests.

4.) Deep Creek Lake – Deep Creek, MD

Deep Creek has long been a destination where locals flock for serenity, peace of mind, and just to getaway. As popular as this destination is, it’s no wonder many also choose this scenic location to tie the knot. Deep Creek offers various options for the location of your ceremony and reception, including mountainside, lakeside, barns, hotels, and restaurants. Wedding guests will not only enjoy the excitement of the wedding but will appreciate the opportunity to escape to the natural beauty of Deep Creek.

5.) Surprise Wedding – Just About Anywhere

Photo via intimateweddings.com | Photo Credit to Cindy Lee Photography

If you really want to try something fun and new, you could have a surprise wedding, a popular trend growing among engaged couples. More and more couples choose to hold a celebration-worthy event, such as an engagement party, and to their guests’ surprise, the event turns out to be the actual wedding. Because of the surprise factor, it is important to choose a nice location that is not too conspicuous but is suitable for a wedding, such as a rooftop. If you feel bold and daring, check out The Knot and Vogue for more information on how to prepare for a surprise wedding.

Undoubtedly, finding a wedding location may be one of the toughest milestones in your journey to the altar, but once you have chosen a site, everything else will fall in place - well, maybe not quite fall, but it will all come together. If you do choose a non-traditional location for your ceremony, you will be giving your guests a unique and unforgettable experience, plus your wedding pictures will look so cool. Check out our top picks - you will be happy that you did. But, you can thank us later because right now you have some planning to do. As you plan, always remember, you've got this!

Be sure to check out our Non-Traditional Wedding Blog for more inspiration! Or if you have a Non-traditional Venue you would like to share, drop a comment below.

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