5 More Types of Wedding Venues to Consider for your Wedding in DC, Maryland and Virginia

A closer look at different types of wedding venues in our area

The great thing about the Washington Metropolitan area is the vast amounts of Wedding venues available.

Museum Venues

So the great thing about DC is the plentiful abundance of lovely museums. There is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Blind Whino SW Arts Club and the National Museum of Natural History just to name a few.

Pro: You can get as creative as you want when picking a theme for you wedding when you wed in a Museum. Imagine a “Fly Me to the Moon” Theme for a wedding planned at the Virginia Air and Space Center!

Con: Museums more so than Art Galleries have valuables to protect. This definitely translates into cost.

Park Venues

There are so many local National, State and County Parks in every part of this region. Fort Washington National park is one of my favorites because there are so many great places to wed. A simple Google search will lead you to ton of resources on local parks.

Pro: Parks often only require a permit for a minimal fee.

Con: There is no privacy as they do not shut down the entire park for events. And there are not many amenities and there is usually no Inclement Weather plan.

Skyline View Venues

Thanks to the many unique architectural structures in this area, Skyline Venues provide a good option. Top of the town has been a great location for weddings for many of years because of their view. Lots of venues now include picturesque views in their bookings.

Pro: The View itself becomes the main element of excitement for your venues look and feel.

Con: These venues are harder to come by and book up faster than others.

Historic Venues

With the history of this area comes many Vintage Mansions and Venues that provide a perfect site for your wedding.

Pro: These historic venues can provide charm and elegance as oppose to the simple styling of a ballroom or banquet hall.

Con: These venues are like catnip for brides and often have a long waiting list or book for years in advance.

Water Venues

Ever sail the Potomac in a Wedding Gown? Well you can do just that by booking an event on a local Cruise Line.

Pro: It will be a unique wedding experience unlike any ordinary land bound venue can provide.

Con: We hope no one gets seasick!

So Where should you Wed…

There are Pros and Cons to consider with any type of venue. It really goes back to deciding what you want the overall feel to be at your wedding. Do you want something Magical or Modern? Classic or Quirky? The rest will fall in line when you know who you are as a couple and what you want most on your wedding day. Thank you for Reading!