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My name is Andrea, and I teach kids Graphic Design & Website building. I have been a member of the Outschool teaching community since 2020, and I am a mom of two who also uses Outschool for my kids. I love learning and sharing new concepts around media and design. And I am also a wedding and event planner, avid gardener, and entrepreneurship advocate!

My Story

After spending 12 years in the Administrative field, I took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. For the last eight years, I have successfully operated Entyse Lyfe Weddings and Events, a wedding and event planning company. I work as an Event Architect to help professionals host a one-of-a-kind, stress-free event experience. I support them by using streamlined services to help them avoid anxiety during the planning process and live events.

As a business owner and event planner, I have a variety of experiences that I am happy to share. My activities involve educating my client on different event options or practices. They rely on me to help them make informed decisions. I love learning and sharing knowledge. At Outschool, I offer easy-to-grasp lessons to help with organizing, planning, design, and business management. You can expect your student to always learn something new with me!

Classes on Outschool

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