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Entyse Lyfe
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"I love planning weddings and events. Easy flowing timelines and quality entertainment are my favorite pieces of the event besides enjoying some great food. When I am not planning events, I can be found in my garden or spending time with my kids. For the last decade, I have invested in my ability to bring people together to celebrate and I would do it all again!"


Entyse Lyfe all began when Andrea was at her day job posting refurbished appliances on Craigslist for sale. It might seem like an odd start for an event planner, and it is. Andrea often visited Craigslist's Event Gigs page while bored at work. One day she came across a post looking for a Day of Coordinator. Excited and nervous, she thought, "this is my shot." 

She cleaned up her resume and sent it in. After a few days, she had an interview with the bride-to-be. The video consultation on Skype was brief yet concise. It's funny how Skype was such a big deal then, but now we have countless ways to video chat. Andrea was able to get the gig thanks to her administrative background. 

Entyse Lyfe was established in January 2014 after completing a Craigslist gig. By which that gig turned out to be a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City.


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