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Our Past

Andrea was at her day job posting refurbished appliances on Craigslist for sale. It might seem like an odd start for an event planner, and it is. But she did work there even though she dreamed of joining the event industry. Just a few years prior, she worked for a local catering company. It was an easy way to break into the industry at the time. However, after a few events, it was clear that it was not a good fit. She would visit the Event Gigs page of Craigslist while bored at work. One day she came across a post looking for a Day of Coordinator. Excited and nervous, she thought to herself, "this is my shot". She cleaned up her resume and sent it in. After a few days, she had an interview with the bride-to-be. The consultation on Skype was brief yet concise. It's funny how Skype was such a big deal then, but now we have countless ways to video chat. Andrea was able to get the gig thanks to her administrative background. 

Andrea Davis
Founder & Chief Event Architect

Our Present

Entyse Lyfe was established in January of 2014 because of completing a Craigslist gig.  Which btw, that gig turned out to be a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. Since then, we have established high client satisfaction ratings by helping clients streamline the planning process to work for them. Over the years, we have helped over 80 newly engaged couples and dozens of individuals to enjoy their events thoroughly.

Recently we expanded new ways to support our clients better. Newly engaged couples can dive into the vendor booking process with our interactive Wedding Workshops. And if you find yourself interested in becoming a Wedding and Event Planner, we have new course offerings to help you start.

EST. 2014
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Our Future

Our future is bright as we continue to expand and grow to fit our client's needs. We are moving forward with safety as a top priority during this time of uncertainty. You can visit our Safety Policy for more info.


Our goal is to change the way you plan by incorporating mindful practices to streamline the planning process and avoid stress, leaving you enjoying your event.

​Entyse Lyfe 
_pronounced as Entice Life_
means to attract creation
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