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Are you ready to learn how to plan like a pro?

If you enjoy planning family functions, you might have an undiscovered passion. I planned my first event at just twelve years old.  It was a small birthday party that sparked a love of planning. As I grew up, I went from job to job learning all kinds of skills that only helped to make me a better event planner. After much back and forth with the event industry, I decided to dive into the world of planning events. 

This is where I found my home and if you are on this page, it might be your home too! You have the chance to learn from my experience and start your career now. Planning events is a beast of its own but how do you grow a business from it. Well, I can tell you the step by step process. My virtual courses put you in control of becoming a professional planner. Event planning is a fast track career because events have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Here is what I propose, take a look at our course offerings to learn more- new classes coming this September.

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