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Are you ready to learn how to plan like a pro?


Whether you're already an event pro, aspiring event pro, or want to learn more about what goes into planning events, Entyse Lyfe EDU is for you. I offer step-by-step courses to teach you how to plan like a pro. You can take my courses in your spare time, and with my expertise in the field, I'll help you feel prepared for anything!

The Entyse Lyfe EDU is the one-stop shop for all you need to know about planning weddings and wedding planning. Join our fun, relaxed group classes to learn about the wedding industry. You'll get hands-on learning about how to start your own wedding business, industry standards, pricing, and so much more! Already have a business? Attend to grow your knowledge and network with others in the industry.

Learn how to plan, design, and execute events with Entyse Lyfe EDU! Our event management course is designed to educate, train and create informed event planners. We want to help you grow in your career, and we're providing an experience-based learning platform where you can learn by doing. Join our rapidly growing community of event planners today!

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